Nursing Resumes Should Include

If you are visiting this page, you are probably interested in a nurse resume, its content and peculiarities. The first thing you should know is the structure of such a resume. It should include:

  • Contact information;
  • Summary;
  • Relevant experience;
  • Other experience;
  • Education, certificates, training, etc.;
  • Volunteer work.

Advices for Nursing Resume

Resume writing is a serious task, so you need to devote all of your free time and energy to it. Make yourself comfortable, put aside all the devices and concentrate on your resume. It is your face, a business card and your lucky ticket, so there will be no second chance to make a good impression.

Structure of a resume

Start with providing contact details, like your name, email, phone and address. You can also include links to your social media accounts. However, make sure that they are professional and don’t contain any doubtful elements.

Proceed with a brief summary. Try to explain your aspirations and qualification in several sentences. You can also include your objective, although it should always be specific and customized.

The third and the most important section is experience. For a nurse it is very important to be precise. This means that you should not only indicate a hospital and years of work but also your duties. Provide all the data in a reverse chronological order.

If you think that your experience, which is not connected with the healthcare sphere, is important, you can briefly indicate it in the fourth section. However, quality is more important than quantity, so you should always choose only those duties and companies, which interlink with the position you are applying to.

Then you need to indicate all the degrees, courses, awards, trainings and certificates you have obtained. This will prove that you love to develop in nursing and have both a theoretical and practical background.

It will be nice if you have volunteering experience, as it shows that you are willing to help people even without being paid.

Here are some elements, which you should add to your nursing resume if you want to sound professional and experienced:

  • Your GPA, if it is higher than 3,5;
  • Locations, where you were registered;
  • Locations of your school placements and their duration;
  • A list of all hospital rotations and the number of hours in each of them;
  • Always provide a unit you have worked in (for example, maternal care, intensive care, oncology, pediatrics and so on).

Useful tips

There are a few useful tips, which you may find important, when completing your resume:

  • Always be specific. If you want to become a nurse, you don’t have a right to be general, as this occupation has a variety of responsibilities and all of them matter. Your potential employer should know what exactly you can or can’t do. For example, taking blood samples, having experience with terminally ill patients and so on;
  • Transform your duties into accomplishments. If you just copy-paste the experience section, the hiring manager will hardly mark you among other candidates. Try to think what makes you stand out from the rest and what you are proud of. Provide numbers, action verbs, as well as your personal qualities;
  • Quantify everything. If possible, try to provide numbers, answering such questions as ‘how many patients I dealt with during one shift?’, ‘How many hours I worked during one rotation?’, number of beds in your clinic and so on. Numbers always add value, so you need to use this tool anywhere it is possible;
  • Tailor resume to every position you are applying to. It is important to make every resume customized and adjusted to a certain vacancy. The main tool is to use keywords. In such a way, the potential employer will see that you possess necessary qualities and can be invited for an interview;
  • Soft skills are also important. Of course, first of all a nurse should be a professional and skilled individual. However, he or she should also possess so-called soft skills. They include time management, organizational skills, knowledge of foreign languages, reliability, teamwork and others. Try not to use cliché words and honestly enumerate qualities you possess.

Skills for different educational and experience levels

It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced nurse or are only starting your career: you may need a list of key features any employer will want to see in your resume. We have categorized them depending on specialist’s level of expertise.

Entry-level nurse:

  • Basic nursing skills, including comfort and care to the patients;
  • Monitoring health conditions of the patient and making records both on paper and on electronic devices.

ADN- level nurse:

  • Observation of the patient;
  • Performing tests and analyzing obtained results;
  • Dealing with equipment;
  • Providing treatment;
  • Consulting patients on management of various injuries or illness.

BSN-level nurse:

  • Completing laboratory work;
  • Educating others;
  • Supervising other nurses;
  • Assisting medical doctors;
  • Completing injections.

Advanced degree:

  • Evaluating health condition of a patient;
  • Supervising other nurses and lower departments;
  • Creating a treatment plan and explaining it to a patient;
  • Controlling all the records;
  • Completing publications on specialization;
  • Educating patients or nurses at educational institutions.

If you lack skills but still want to get the job, you need to concentrate not on your experience but on your personal qualities or volunteer work. In such a case, you should highlight your strengths and place the educational section before your work experience.

Another advice in such a situation is to contact the unit directly and ask their hiring managers or nurses whether they would want to hire a person without any experience. Explain why you want to work for them and try to appoint a meeting to prove that you can contribute to the hospital.

Don’t be afraid to stand out and always make a first step if you think that you have stumbled across a vacancy of your dreams!

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