Plagiarism Free Guarantee

Be confident, that plagiarism is totally forbidden in our company. Every paper is written from scratch.

In our company, every paper is done according to the customer’s provided instructions. Be sure, that the writer will do your paper according to instructions that you have provide us with only. We will assign the writer who is specialized in your field of study or subject that you are requesting. We have a large number of writers available for a convenient assignment.

Every paper which is completed by our company is checked through the plagiarism detection system. In case we investigate any plagiarism in the work, we will force the writer to redo the paper until it contains 0% plagiarism. If you try to check the paper for plagiarism report at some other website or system, please be informed, that they could keep the content of the work in their data. ATTENTION!

Completed orders will be delivered to your email. In case you have not found a paper on your email, please check your “spam” folder as well or simply contact our support team for help.

If you place an order for rewriting or editing service, please be informed that plagiarism could be detected if you provide us with a plagiarized material. The company is not responsible for the paper you provide a writer with.

We do not keep a database of the completed orders. Completed work is delivered to you promptly and you are the only person who could get an access to the paper. We do not sell, resell or transfer the papers. All the papers are original and written as per the client’s demands.

Please, consider that if you have detected any plagiarism in the completed paper which was delivered to you, you can submit the report to us and we will redo the paper for you for free. Please, mind we will not accept any other plagiarism report other than from turnitin or official report from your university.

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