What You Should Include in Resignation Letter

There can be plenty of reasons for you to leave your job that you love (and even more reasons to quit a hated one), but there are basic steps that you should follow in your quitting no matter what. One of these steps is a formal resignation letter that serves as a two weeks notice in case disputes arise. It also formalizes your decision to move on with your career and so informs all the people whom it may concern that you will work in the company no more. A good polite letter can leave positive and lasting impression of you as a reliable and responsible employee who follows the rules and makes no trouble. This impression is especially important if you plan to ask your former employer for references.

Thus, do not make this letter into your list of accusations against a manager or annoying colleagues. You are leaving them behind, so let the company deal with its own staff troubles (if any). When you set to write a resignation letter, keep it professional and diplomatic, that is, polite. Say what you have appreciated and what you learned, and then just say ‘good bye’. That’s the letter in the gist.

Now more about what goes into the letter. There are several important aspects that you should not miss. They are:

  • Date of resignation (formal notice of two weeks period);
  • Your clear statement that you leave;
  • Some words about what you really enjoyed to do in your position;
  • Skills you learned;
  • ‘Thank you’ to your boss and some contact information in case there will be some questions after your leaving.

Be particularly careful to provide the resignation date (it is the date of writing the letter and the point from which two weeks are counted) and the last day with the company (the last day of two weeks). It will save you from potential legal troubles and will help set the point when you are no more available to the company. This precision is really appreciated by managers and bosses, and so it will help retain positive relationship with former boss and colleagues afterwards.

One more important thing to consider: have a conversation with your manager or boss (in a small firm) before you write the formal letter of resignation. Then your quitting will not come as a complete and unpleasant surprise to your boss and will probably help you both manage the dates of your leave. You may be asked to delay writing the formal notice by a couple of days or a week to help the company deal with high season, for example, in exchange for a bonus. If that suits you, you may tweak your letter to meet the suggestion of your manager, and so leave the company with the most positive memories of you as a reliable employee still lingering in the air. But of course, it all depends on why and how fast you need to change jobs.

Part 1: The Base of Your Resignation Letter

Now let us explore how a typical letter of resignation can look like. Pick the right person to address the letter to and begin with his/her name. Since you have already talked to your supervisor, there is no need and it is not recommended to say why you leave. Keep it formal and reserved, that all.

Dear Mr/Ms (Name),
I write this letter to explicitly state my intention to resign from the position of (name the position) with the company (company title). Hereby I provide formal notice of it, and the notice period will end on (mention the date), which will be my last day with your company.

Part 2: Always be Polite to the Employer

Do not just let your letter run and end like that. You can and should say a couple of words about your place of work and how it contributed to your professional growth.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for a chance to work with a great team of professionals for (name the time span you spent with the company) and for the boost my professional skills received. It was a pleasure to (list some tasks that you really enjoyed), to overcome challenges together with teammates and to see the results of our work benefit both our customers and our company. I have learned (mention skills) and I will definitely apply my experience on my further career path.

Part 3: Show That You’re in Game till the End

Now it is time to wrap up, but to do it gracefully and politely. Remember, that you can promise to train a person who will replace you, but promise wisely and only the things that you will do no matter what.

I will do my best to make the transition period smooth and beneficial for the company. During these two weeks I am ready to mentor my successor in the skills I received. Please let me know if I can do anything else within my powers before I leave the company and I will gladly contribute.
I wish the company success and flourishing and hope to maintain positive and friendly contacts in future.


Your name

Contact info (phone number or email).

Simple Tips What You Should Avoid!

Hope we have clarified what goes into the letter and you can write it on your own. But if you are leaving the company not in the best mood, or if you are already busy because of preparations for a new workplace, you can order resignation letter from us. We will include all necessary parts and will polish this small but important document to shine and impress positively your boss or manager.

If you write it personally, remember mistakes to avoid:

  • Do not explain why you decided to leave, it will look like explanation how the company failed you or did not fulfill your career needs;
  • Do not blame or insult your manager or colleagues – you may be in the middle of litigation with a company, but the skill to maintain a face is a key to writing this letter, and you can find other outlets to vent your dissatisfaction more productively;
  • Do not say how happy you will be in your next job (you do not know it yourself, to begin with);
  • Keep it short and formal, and please, proofread it carefully.

If you avoid these unwanted points, the letter will be a document in your file testifying to your reliability and professionalism. That’s what you need, after all.

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