Why Recommendation Letter is so Important

No matter if a person applies for a new job or for place in the elite college, or for a research grant, a letter of recommendation is always an ace up the sleeve to impress the potential employers or application officers. An applicant can provide a CV, a motivation letter and bunch of certificates, but it is the personal experience of other people working with him/her that best describe the true strong points of this applicant. A person can exaggerate or be too modest and reserved in describing own achievements.

To write a recommendation letter means to prove the positive claims in CV and to personalize the dry and formal structure of rigid application documents. In other words, it means to give the applicant better chances to get a dream position.

Quick Read About Your Topic

It is flattering to be asked for such a favor. But before you begin to write, ask yourself: will you be able to complete it on time, especially with your overloaded schedule? Will you create an impressive and clear paper, are you a writer enough for it? If you are not sure you can, just outsource it to us. We have been long enough on this marker to deliver any kind of excellent recommendation letter online. Not only that, we can build any kind of formal document including letter of resignation or CV.

If you feel you can do it, google first. Find about a bit more about the company you write for, about their mission and kind of business they run. It will help you write more targeted and valuable recommendation.

Collect Information. Write Your First Outline

This kind of letter can be written by a whole number of different people depending on its recipient.

  • Work reference will be written by a former boss or supervisor;
  • college reference will be written by teachers;
  • and loan application or other personal matters documents may require references of neighbors or friends, i.e. people who know the applicant for a length of time.

No matter who writes the letter and for what purpose, two boundaries limit the flight of imagination. First, the letter should describe real person, not some imaginary superhero that can kill a dragon and cook a healthy meal all at once. Second, the letter should answer the requirements set in application description. So before handing in the ready letter, you need to research and understand the referred person’s CV or provided records, and create a draft of what you have to say. You may let is sit for some time, then polish or change a bit to fit the job requirements and provide the document rich in valuable content and executed in proper business letter format.

What You Should Include in Your Letter

No matter for who you write the letter – for yourself as a ghost writer or for another person – there is a list that will guide you through the process and guarantee that you will not omit anything.

The letter needs to contain several parts that will satisfy a reviewer or a recruiter interests and will tell everything about the person you are recommending.

  1. Introduction of a recommendation giver – who you are (name), place of employment, position, work relations with the person that you describe. Some manuals recommend that you provide your own experience and credentials first. But we believe that since you recommend another person, the letter focus should be on that person, not on you.
  2. Overview of the person’s work/study experience in your organization or under your supervision. List the general tasks assigned, duties, responsibilities, accountability or managerial level, and so on. Be positive and honest. Negative reference letter better be directed to the recycler right from the start.
  3. Mention specific strengths, skills and positive traits that make you believe the person is a good job applicant or internship seeker. Do not list many of them, pick the strongest and brightest ones. Provide some story that highlights these features in the best way and make this story personal.
  4. Sum it up with a positive and inspiring passage about the value of this person for a company or institution he/she wants to join. Mention how his/her valuable skills and dedication, for example, will benefit the company and enrich its team of employees. This is just to give you an idea, so to say.
  5. To be accurate and trustworthy, ask the person you write the letter for to give you a complete CV with details about positions and tasks. Before starting your writing, have a look at the job description or application requirements to see what is seen as a priority and what can be omitted. That will really help you in your undertaking.

Simple Formula to Success

The formula of all good reference letters is not that complex. It is telling a potential reader who you are and why you can be trusted in your evaluation. Then, it is telling about your evaluation and why you see the person in such light. So, basically, you say who you are and who the person is, and how your impression about this person can help the reader understand this person better, as a personality and a human that will interact with others and do the job in a team and alone.

  1. By telling who you are you explain how you are connected to your referred person and why you are in a position to evaluate. Your self-presentation goes in the first part of the letter, let us say in the intro of the letter. For example, ‘I am Jane Johnson, a senior marketing manager in MoviCom, and Jill Jackson has been working in my department for two years in a position of marketing strategist. I was highly pleased to have her on my team because ....’.
  2. Next comes the body of your letter where you list what this imaginary Jill did, how she coped, what she have accomplished or how she contributed, and how she stood out. There is a belief that you need to compare this person against other employees and to say that this person was better than others, but then the most reasonable question is why you gathered and maintained a team of lazybones or misfits, in the first place. Then it is reasonable to doubt your ability to pick and evaluate people at all. Everybody knows that these comparisons are included only to paint a strong recommendation for the person, so it is often viewed as a complimentary and formal part that does not carry any significant importance.

There is another way to build a perfect customized personal reference. Consult the job description and pick for the letter those features of the person that fit the description and match it. If a job is in marketing mention marketing talents and skills of the applicant. If there is some technical or digital position, speak about these technical or digital skills of the applicant, like junior or senior developer, great member of a developer team, or a responsible and punctual standalone worker.

Even better, mention quantifiable (that is, measurable in numbers) results of the applicant work. Like,

  • boost in sales in percent;
  • involvement of customers or application users;
  • greater customer satisfaction;
  • budgets the applicant worked with;
  • money saved due to innovations, and so on.

This detailed and specific approach always works best – and is truthful and reliable. So use it.

How to End Your Letter

Now that the letter is almost ready, you need to end it graciously. Make up a passage that will remind how great and useful a candidate is and how lucky to the company will be to have him/her on board. Then, it is a must that you provide some contact information of yours (phone number or email) and welcome the reviewer to feel comfortable to contact you for confirmation of everything said or for asking a question or two.

If you are writing the letter for yourself with the permission and in the name of a person who will sign it afterwards, provide this person’s contact info, not your own, and please be careful with it. You do not want to become the next Twitter or Instagram meme.

Be honest, be personal and be specific. If you cannot say anything positive about the person asking for a reference, better decline the request politely. Such falsely tuned letters are seen from the start.

So if you feel that the task ahead is beyond your schedule or honesty, please feel free to contact us, the reliable company that specializes in writing these types of letters. We will build an impressive recommendation letter for a reasonable price, and will do so with absolute confidentiality. Let us help people get better and fulfilling positions together!

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