Finance Resumes Must Include The Following Information

This guideline is created for those, who want to enter the financial world or climb the ladder further. It is possible with a help of a finance resume, not depending whether you are an advisor, an analyst or any other specialist in the sphere.

Your resume should include such information, as:

  • Contact data;
  • Summary;
  • Highlights;
  • Work experience;
  • Education;
  • Achievements.

Tips for Finance Resume

If you are ready to find out how to write finance resume, make yourself comfortable and go on reading!

First thing you need to remember is that your resume opens up a whole universe of new opportunities, as a world of finances has multiple spheres you can succeed in. For example, the same resume can help you to become a consultant, an auditor, a loan specialist or even a big boss!

Structure of the resume

When writing a resume, you should always start with contact information. It includes your name, address, phone number and email. You can write your name in a bigger font size and make it bold. In this section, you can also indicate various links on portfolios or professional social accounts.

The next paragraph is a summary. It is a brief description of your main achievements and the specialty you are working in. Don’t make this section too long, as you will easily bore the hiring manager and your resume may end up in a bin. A perfect size is two-three sentences.

The third section is called ‘highlights’ and is a list of your skills. Here you can indicate your personal skills, like responsibility or successful coping with stressful situations, and any other professional skills, which you find relevant. For example, expert in strategic planning, forecasting and so on.

Continue with working on the biggest and the most important section of the whole resume, which is your work experience. Here all the information should be presented in a reverse order. Which means that you need to start with the latest job and finish with the first one. Write down company’s name, title of your position and dates. Below you need to provide a list of key responsibilities. Try to avoid general phrases and remain specific. A great advice will be to operate numbers, as there is nothing more important for a financial world.

Once you are finished with your work experience, you need to describe your education and any certificates, trainings or awards you have obtained. Don’t forget to provide names, titles, addresses and years of study.

Tips to make your resume flawless

If you devote enough time to your resume, it may become not only your business card but also a powerful marketing instrument to highlight your core strengths. You need to make sure that every line you write is relevant and interlinks with the job description.

There are a few distinguishing features of a resume, when it comes to the financial world and we are happy to share them with you!

  • Do not neglect your resume summary. It is a great opportunity to show how you can contribute to the company, emphasizing your previous achievements. It is also a way to demonstrate your strongest sides and catch interest of the reader;
  • Quantify everything. Financial world is all about numbers and potential employer wants to see whether you can add value to his company. That is why you need to prove that you are worth the job. It is a great way to show your achievements in the financial world and impress the manager;
  • Remember to provide a list of important skills. While you can demonstrate your financial expertise in the ‘highlights’ section, there are many skills, which can be very important and not relate directly to the financial world. These may be knowledge of foreign languages, mastership of various computer programs, a driving license and so on;
  • Make a list of your certificates. Most of the jobs in this sphere require various certificates and licenses. If you have those, make sure the hiring manager notices them;
  • Provide details about the companies you have worked for. They may include size of the company, its net worth, whether it is private or public. Such information will give the hiring manager a chance to decide whether you have necessary qualification and experience;
  • Always proofread your resume. While it can be obvious, many people neglect this important step, relying on MS Office built-in correctors. However, it is not reliable in many cases and you risk your future job simply because you didn’t want to devote enough time to reading every line thoroughly. Ask a friend or a relative to read your resume and mark places, which don’t sound relevant. Then upload your resume on one of programs, which check papers on mistakes;
  • Familiarize with resume templates and examples if you doubt whether you are doing everything right. There are many websites, which offer access to free samples in multiple spheres.

Remember, your resume is the only thing the hiring manager sees before making up his or her mind. If you want to be invited for an interview, you need to follow all the above tips from A to Z!

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