Revision Policy occupies a top position on the market today. Our main goal is to provide our customers with the best academic assistance, high quality papers and on time delivery. By choosing our company, you will assure yourself with free revision guarantee. Please, check on the more points about revision process below:

  • Instructions overview. Please, notice that your comments and instructions according the revision should be the same as initial ones. You are not able to change them as it will contradict to your order information. Any changes of the initial order instructions will lead to an extra payment.
  • Revision request. In order to submit a revision, you have to compose a message with your comments and deadline for a revision and send it to [email protected]. You are also able to set up a revision request from your personal order page. In this case, please click on the “request revision” button.
  • Time for revision. According to policy, you are able to request unlimited number of revision requests before you approve your assignment. Please, notice that you have to request revisions during the first 10 days after the first version of the paper was delivered to you. Please, follow this point and do not lose your chance for revising your paper.
  • Change of instructions. If you have to change your instructions and add some specific comments or materials to your assignment during revision, it will require an additional payment from your side. Additional price, which is recalculated either for rewriting or editing services is up to 70% from the initial order price.
  • Writer`s option: if you are not satisfied with the writer or you feel that he/she does not understand your comments, you will be able to change a writer after at least 3 revisions made by him/her. Please, notice that in this case you have to provide us with the valid and understandable reasons for this request, if the reasons are not given, we will not be able to change the writer. Please, consider this statement and specify all your points in your email request.
  • Progressive delivery: if you assignment contains more than 30 pages, you are able to select a “progressive delivery” option; you are able to request a revision during the first 20 days from the time the first version was delivered.
  • Money back: Please, notice that in order to request for money back, you should have completed at least two revisions for your order. This policy is different for the urgent orders with 3, 8 and 24 hours delivery (1 revision has to be requested). Please, notice that you have to provide us with your valid and persuasive arguments why you want to get a refund.
  • Time frames for a revision: the minimum deadline to revise your paper is 3 hours. There is also a possibility that the writer might need to extend the deadline in certain cases, that is why it is important that you provide us with the maximum time you have, in order to make all the necessary changes in the paper. The minimum deadline for the urgent orders revision (3 and 8 hours deadline) is 2 hours.
  • Money back: Refund cannot be issued (partial refund cannot be done as well, excepting partial refund for changing the writer`s category, if the writer was changed) if there was no revision request from you. According to our company policy, there is an obligation for requesting at least 2 revisions for the order before opening a dispute on it (in case with 3 and 8 hours orders-1 revision is mandatory). Dispute request will be reviewed by our Dispute Department managers during 7-10 days.
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