Sales Resumes Must Include The Following Information

If you are willing to know how to write sales resume, you have come to a right address. Following our simple instructions, you will be able to create an outstanding resume and occupy firm positions in a sales world.

Here are the main elements any resume in sales should consist of:

  • Contact details;
  • Expertise/summary;
  • Professional experience;
  • Education, training, rewards, etc.;
  • Personal skills.

Tips for Sales Resume

Resume writing can definitely be considered a piece of art, as you need to present yourself in a best light, explaining why you are a perfect match for a particular position.

Moreover, choosing a sales career you need to know how to ‘sell’ yourself. As a sales professional, you will be a sort of a bridge between a company and clients. Your main responsibilities will be to make presentations, render information to the clients and fulfill their interests.

That is why your resume, apart from professional experience and background, should highlight social skills, like public performances and an ability to build relationships. In addition, you need to prove that you can find new customers, analyzing markets. Do you possess such qualities? Even if you are only starting a sales career, we have prepared a short guideline how to create an outstanding and selling resume!

Structure of a resume

If you want your resume to be readable and smooth, you need to follow a widely accepted structure. However, there may be slight changes if you want to highlight particular sections. For example, if you lack experience but have a strong educational background, you can switch those sections.

Start with providing your contact details. They include your name, address, phone and email. It is also possible to leave links on your online pages, like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. Although at first you need to make sure they don’t contain inappropriate data.

Continue with writing a short summary (not more than one paragraph) of who you are and what your expertise is.

For example, ‘A sales professional with a deep knowledge of IT sphere, especially at promoting new programs and software. Leadership skills, managing departments and improving the sales process.


  • Time management;
  • Willing to grow and develop;
  • Educating personnel;
  • Organizing meetings and training programs.

Now you can write about your professional experience. It is the biggest and the most important part of your resume. Provide all the details in a reverse chronological order for a better convenience. Try to go beyond simple listing of the company and the name of your position. Enumerate your duties, trying to make them your achievements. Remember to indicate only those positions, which may be useful for a hiring manager.

The next paragraph should contain your education background, as well as various courses you have completed. Here you can also indicate any awards, certificates and licenses you may have.

Close your resume with personal or soft-skills. You need to show that you are comfortable to work with and can become a part of the team with ease.

A piece of advice

Sales sphere has a variety of different categories, because such specialists are vital for any enterprise. That is why it is very important to adjust your resume depending on what kind of sales specialist you are: a medical, an IT or a financial one.

However, there are still a few rules, which you need to follow to make your resume as good as possible. They are:

  • Write your resume anew for every vacancy. Every day hiring managers receive hundreds of resumes, so it is very simple for them to detect copy and pasted letters. Such resumes immediately end up in a bin. Make sure you insert necessary keywords, which will interlink with job description. You can also write a short cover letter and explain why you find a particular company the best place for you;
  • Proper formatting. Your resume should be professional and stylish, so you need to use readable fonts, calm colors and enough spaces not to make the page look ‘dirty’. You can use italics for headings and sections;
  • Proofread every line. If you are not sure whether you have strong language skills, you can ask your friends or family members to read your resume. Edit it again and again until you find it smooth and flawless.

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